Company status
VISTEC is a private company whose main activity is the development and production of measuring equipment for chemical and industrial laboratories. The Company provides comprehensive services in the field of capillary viscosimetry. It supplies total viscosity measurement systems as well as individual components.

History of the Company and current status
The Company was established in 1986 as a consortium of physical persons and later, in 1989, became registered as a private company. The founders of the Company and their partners drew on considerable previous experience in this field which they had gained as research workers of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. The Company first focused on the development of laboratory equipment made to order, later it started specializing in the development and production of equipment for capillary measurement of viscosity. Advances in PC technology allowed the gradual introduction of computer technology support for the automation of measurement and evaluation of measured data. The measurement systems are based on a patented design of glass apparatuses.

Company management
Milos Kössler, sales manager, responsible for sales activities, client relations, servicing and systems certification.
Jindrich Pacovsky, technical manager responsible for the development and production of electronic units, development and production of software equipment and documention supplied with the equipment.
Jan Pacovsky, manager of information systems and automation development.
Marta Pacovska, external adviser, assistant lecturer at the department of physical chemistry of Charles University.
Milos Netopilik, external adviser, research worker of the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Important suppliers and partners
The Company has contracts with a number of Czech companies specializing in:
  • production of glass components
  • production of mechanical components
  • production of electronic units
  • development of software support
Certification is carried out by the tribotechnical laboratory of the CKD Research Institute. Functional tests are carried out during the instruction of students at the department of physical chemistry at Charles University.

Results and expected development
Throughout its existence the Company has been able to respond to the demand of its clients for technical support by high standard viscosity measurement. The features most appreciated by clients were:
  • the reliability of the electronic systems
  • the self-containing nature of the equipment
  • services provided in support of systems operations
The continuous enhancement of the user friendliness of the supplied equipment and the maintenance of favourable price terms is reason to expect an increased interest in VISTEC products.

Application development
The Company is constantly developing and improving all components of viscometric systems. PC linked systems are revised periodically and their management programs improved.

Future development
Principles of future development:
to produce viable products
  • efficiently
  • of high quality
  • at lower cost
  • in shorter time
  • within a defined (increasing) volume to optimalize product range
  • to develop and supply competitive products
  • to be competitive in product range
  • to ensure income stability also if client requirements change
In view of the limited market in the Czech Republic the Company is planning expansion of its activities abroad. The main target countries are Slovakia and Germany where the Company has long-term contacts. Due to its experience with laboratory equipment production, the Company is planning to launch the development of equipment for several other fields of chemical laboratory measurements.

Competitiveness of the Company
VISTEC is the leading company in the sale of viscosity measuring equipment in the Czech Republic judged by the number of delivered systems. Success is due mainly to the well balanced price and utility value of the supplied systems. There is also the important role of the traditionally good, long-term contacts with centres in the Czech Lands, Slovakia and Germany where equipment has been supplied to various institutions on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic. A part of system development is continuous innovation inspired by the practical experience of our leading chemical companies. The competitiveness of the Company leans on the original solution of the actual design of both the glass and electronic parts of the system.