Potential customers
Due to the very broad range of offered systems, VISTEC clients hail from all branches of industry or research dealing directly or indirectly with the properties of liquids. In chemistry there are a number of common procedures for the measurement of viscous properties, providing a large amount of valuable information on analyzed fluids. That is why the expert community has shown great interest in VISTEC equipment. The equipment offers full integration into automated laboratories with controlled collection of data on measured samples and is thus attractive to customers demanding high measuring performance. The supplied VISTEC system range includes three fields of measurement:
Most important installations
  • Autopal Nový Jicin - General Motors

  • Autopal Hluk

  • CEZ elektrárna Chvaletice (power company)

  • CEZ Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

  • CEZ Melník Power Company

  • Aero Vodochody (aircraft manufacturer)

  • CKD Praha, Research Institute (engineering)

  • Reasearch Institute of Paper and Cellulose, Bratislava

  • Explosia Semtín (explosives)

  • Slovnaft Bratislava (oil refinery)

  • BIOCEL Paskov (chemical plant)

  • SEPAP Stetí (paper mill)

  • Trinecké zelezárny (iron metallurgy)

  • Kaucuk Kralupy (chemical plant)

  • Chemopetrol Litvínov (oil refinery)

  • Spolana Neratovice (pharmaceuticals)

  • Autokola Nový Jicín (car parts)

  • Dul Darkov (coal mine)

  • Doly a úpravny uhlí Komorany (coal mine and washery)

  • CSAD Ostrava (road transporter)

  • CSAD Havírov (road transporter)

  • Lokomotivní depo Jihlava

  • Charles University, Dept. of Physical Chemistry, Prague

  • Chemical Technology University, Prague

  • Forschungszentrum Geesthacht, Teltow, Germany

  • BSL Olefinverbund GmbH, Schkopau, Germany