VISTEC is a private company whose main goal is to develop and produce the measuring equipment for chemical or industrial laboratories. The customers are offerred by the full equipment delivery and services in the field of the capillar viscosity measurement procedures. There is possible either systems or part delivery only. The guarantee systems maintenance and corresponding training are included in the system installation. An agreement also can be made to keep the maintenance after the guarantee time.
The company is active mainly in the following three fields of viscosity measurements:

For each of above field there is the procedure of measurement developed which can be supported by the connection of the equipment to the standard personal computer. For the PC usage there are programms available to evaluate measured viscosity according to the appropriate norms requirements. The company is able to accomodate offerred products to almost any customer's need, even to develop specialized device.

Viscometric systems are designed to measure viscosity of newton liquids in the broad range of 0.3 to 30000 mm2 s-1 by the temperatures up to 150oC. Application fields of this high precision kinematic viscosity mesurement are for instance: mineral oils products, lubrication products, cosmetics, medical products, cellulose production control, polymer analysis etc. VISTEC is able to deliver several types of glass capillare viscometer units - Ubbelohde, "flow - through" and U form - types, all with thermostatic mantle. Especially popular is originaly designed "flow - through" viscometer which is very convenient for fast serial measurements with lower demands on precision and repeatability (approx. 1%). The inner parts of glass pipes and capillare are automatically cleaned by the sample of the measured liquid. Ubbelohde viscometer gives the precision better then 0.02%. This high precision is reached due to the following: certified high quality capillare, high quality thermostat and repeated measurement of each sample. All viscometers are equipped normally with photosensors enabling the functionality up to temperature 100oC. The photosensors up to 150oC are also available on demand. The measurement processing is possible on up to five glass viscometers working in serial type activity. The results in seconds or dynamic or kinematic viscosity coefficients are evaluated on the microprocesor controlled device with alphanumeric display and built in printer. Specialized viscometric systems have the following main features:

polymers - evaluation of limiting viscosity number by means of the automatically selected change of concentration of polymer solution (methods of Huggins, Kraemer, Schulz - Blaschke, Heller)

cellulose solutions - evaluation of limiting viscosity number and viscosity coefficient according to the selected ISO standard. Automatic check is continuously performed if norm conditions are kept.

oils - evaluation of the viscosity coefficients and viscosity index according to the ISO 2909 and ASTM 2270 standards.

The optional PC program support for each system type gives the full processing automation and possibility to store measured data in the database.